New stuff added to site!!

Sorry guys I have neglected my site pretty much all year. With moving cross country and starting a new job in a new city it's been rough!! I have added new stuff to my site and I will be working on it more soon. Thanks for all your support. -Louie

Project 73 Grabber


Hi Gang. I'm working on a 73 Grabber.Yes I know another Maverick right. What can I say they're my all time favorite cars!! I owned a 73 Maverick as my first car. To build this, I first started with a Johan Pro-stock kit and used most of the car. I decided on the 73 Model year because the front bumper was missing from the kit anyway. I cut down a 74 Maverick grill from a fresh cherry's Grabber. It had to be narrowed to fit the Johan kit. Since the fresh cherry's Maverick is a 74 model I cut the front bumper down to a 73 size. The 73 Maverick was an odd beast because it used a 72 rear bumper with a moderate sized bumper in the front (smaller than 74 but bigger than 72). I'm using  a resin hood with a resin interior. Here is a photo of my progress. Also a photo of the car I'm building from the  Ford brochure. A true 70's ride, White over Avocado green, with a Avocado green vinyl top. Gotta love it!!! -Louie

Fast Eddie Comet

Hi Gang!!! I got the Fast Eddie Comet Finished!! The decals were a real pain. I used some micro solve to make them suck down around the body. Hope you like it. -Louie

Happy customers

Please post your thoughts and comments about business experiences you've had with me. Thank You -Louie

Fast Eddie Comet

Hi gang, I'm currently working on a Fast Eddie Pro Stock Comet. I got the decals from SLIXX. It's coming right along.

The paint and decals are almost finished. Hope you like it. -Louie